Maddy (she/her)

Cosmetic tattoo artist & founder of Novacane Studio. Gender Affirming Cosmetic Tattoo Project Co-Founder.

Maddy is the founder of Novacane Studio, creating a unique space where both decorative & cosmetic tattoos are embraced. 

Maddy specialises in creating hyper-realistic cosmetic brow tattoos with an emphasis on full, floaty, masculine, messy, unstructured & free-flowing strokes with incredibly natural freckles also offered alongside.

An pioneer & advocate of utilising negative space whilst ensuring cosmetic tattoos age well & can be maintained over the years, with over 8 years industry experience. Championing creative & artistic skill within the industry, she is committed to contributing towards the growth of cosmetic tattoo techniques & inspiring styles.

Maddy is the CEO of The Brow Beat, an established cosmetic tattoo business. She is also the co-founder of The Brow Beat Academy which offers in depth training in her specific techniques, for both beginners & already qualified artists.


Lewie (he/him)

Cosmetic Tattoo Artist & Gender Affirming Cosmetic Tattoo Project Co-Founder.

Lewie has always had a flare for beauty and innovation. Instinctively, he has admired fashion, music and pop culture since childhood.

Lewie forged his own career in Musical Theatre and over his ten-year career, he performed on various world stages. From London’s West End to International Tours to Cruise Ships to TV, he flourished as a performer and understood the importance of aesthetics.

Lewie loves to make people feel their best, both inside and out and once he hung up his dancing shoes, it seemed a natural fit to take his initial interests and become an apprentice in cosmetic artistry. A role that will enable him to combine beauty and creativity, whilst making you look and feel brand new. Lewie is proud to be a part of the LGBTQIA+ community and is particularly excited about Novacanes gender-affirming procedures.


Maria (she/her)

Cosmetic tattoo artist

Maria is an experienced cosmetic tattoo artist with 8+ years experience. With a background in arts, studying art & design in college and university of arts London. Her passion for art lead her to pursue her art career in cosmetic tattooing.

Maria specialises in lip blush for all skin tones & lip neutralisation for melanin rich skin tones. Maria has a unique artistic flare, camouflaging lips to blend in with their natural tones, enhancing colours and shapes to create natural realistic results.

Maria is the co-founder of The Brow Beat Academy which offers in depth training for both beginners & already qualified artists. Sharing her experience and knowledge working with a variety of skin types. Maria chose to form a partnership in the brow beat academy to create unique courses that are not offered anywhere else. Teaching our values of creating delicate work that ages well while achieving desirable results.


Jess (she/her)

Cosmetic & medical tattoo artist

Meet Jess, a talented cosmetic and paramedical tattoo artist with over 8 years of expertise. Jess is also the UK educator for Deluxe Brows, demonstrating her knowledge and commitment to excellence in the industry.

Specializing in natural hyper-realistic brows, smokey eyeliners, lip blush, melanin rich lips, scar camouflage, and dark circle camouflage, Jess is passionate about helping clients enhance their natural beauty and confidence. Her approach to paramedical tattooing offers clients the opportunity to heal their trauma associated with physical scars, creating a truly unique and personalized experience.

Gender affirming scar camouflage is a sought-after treatment for those who’ve had top surgery, but it’s not always an easy treatment to find here in the UK. Jess is proud to offer this service and ensures a comfortable, bespoke and professional experience for the gender expansive community.

Located in the North West, Jess's private studio offers a comfortable and welcoming environment for clients to relax and enjoy the tattooing experience. Additionally, Jess is excited to offer appointments at Novacane Studio in London, making her services more accessible to clients across the UK.

With a commitment to professionalism and natural-looking results, Jess is dedicated to providing exceptional service to every client. Book your free video consultation today and experience the expertise and passion that Jess is known for.


Tanya (she/her)

Tattoo Artist

Tanya is an established digital artist who specialises in portraiture and modern illustration.

She’s recently decided to pursue tattooing as a life-time goal of hers and has picked up the skill quickly. Her flare for detail and turning peoples visions into art is what she enjoys most, creating is what she lives for, this is the energy she wants to carry over into her tattooing career.

Tanya loves expressing herself through art and helping others express themselves through the art of tattooing. As she is at the beginning of her career she is offering discounted rates for tattoos at the moment.

Currently she’s proficient in line work, and steadily building up to realism. Tanya loves designing custom pieces for clients, and welcomes all kinds of tattoo ideas whether they’re sentimental, for fun or just because they look cool. To book in with Tanya and see her work please visit below.


April aka “Min” (she/her)

Cosmetic tattoo artist

April, also known as “Min”, is a highly skilled and experienced professional with a passion for cosmetic tattooing. With over a decade of experience in the field, she has become a master at her craft. Starting her career at the young age of 16, April has spent the last 10 years specializing in scalp micropigmentation and ombré brows.

Through years of practice and dedication to her craft, April has developed a unique and sophisticated approach to cosmetic tattooing that has earned her a reputation as one of the top artists in the industry. Her attention to detail and commitment to using the highest quality products and tools ensures that her clients receive stunning, long-lasting results.

In addition to her work as a cosmetic tattoo artist, April has also become a respected educator in the field. She has taught students from around the world the art of scalp micropigmentation, sharing her knowledge and expertise to help others achieve success in the industry.

Now 31 years old, April continues to push the boundaries of cosmetic tattooing, constantly refining her skills and exploring new techniques. Her passion for her work and dedication to her clients and students alike make her an invaluable asset to the tattoo industry.


Jo Little ( she/her)


Jo is from an artistic background, with extensive training in colour theory. She specialises in Hyper realism brows and ultra realism 3D Areola Tattoo, for those who have had breast surgery or gender re-affirming surgery. Her passion is creating undetectable super natural transformations for her clients, giving back body confidence. Your brows but better. Your body, but how you want it to be now.  Everything is bespoke to you, created with an artist's approach. Colour is mixed specifically to compliment your skin tone and much like a painting, depth, tone and texture is added so everything looks real.  

Jo’s studio is just north of Newcastle, in Whitley Bay. Having lived in London for 10 years, she’s delighted to be back as a regular guest artist at Novacane Studio offering realistic, tattoo treatments for clients who want a transformation but don’t necessarily want others to notice they’ve had anything done.


KERI (she/her)

Tattoo Artist

I am a passionate fine line and abstract flow tattoo artist from Dorset who has found home in the vibrant energy of London. With a lifelong flair for creativity, my creative journey has taken a few paths as I initially delved into various beauty treatments and makeup roles. Then after four enriching years of travel, I found my true calling in the artistry of tattooing and found love in fine line tattoos and freehand flow designs, although I am starting to branch out and explore other styles which I am very excited about!


RUBY (she/her)


I'm Ruby, a tattoo artist specializing in fine line tattoos. With two years of experience, I've always had a keen interest in art, especially portraits. While I excel in fine line work, I'm also eager to explore other styles of tattoos. I'm passionate about translating art onto people's bodies, creating pieces that they'll treasure forever.


LUCY (she/her)


Lucy is a visual artist from South London who continually explores a variety of mediums. Following her Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Art Photography, she began a career in teaching and has worked as a Teacher of Art & Design since 2017.

In 2021, Lucy began tattooing before completing an apprenticeship in a South London studio and graduating to a Junior Tattoo Artist role.

Lucy specialises in both fine line and blackwork tattoos. Her flash designs explore femininity from a wide range of angles, often featuring gothic and rebellious motifs which take inspiration from her own personal taste.

Creating a safe and inclusive space is a key element of what Lucy adores about the art of tattooing. Lucy is a neurodiverse member of the LGBTQIA+ community and takes pride in ensuring clients’ experiences are as comfortable as possible, ultimately leading to empowering experiences.


Aewan aka “A” (he/him)


Whether it is the flowers or animals that you are after, ‘A' is your go-to artist for your paintings of nature.
As a seasoned artist who specialise in fine-line realism and watercolour,
he has been providing delicate art work on clients for over 5 years.
If you are looking for elegance and attention to detail, be sure to book him in advance.